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Despite its popularity, this technique raises methodological issues for researchers, particularly novice researchers in education. This paper recounts one study in educational research where stimulated recall interview was used successfully as a useful tool for collecting data with an adapted version of SRI procedure. Descriptors: Video Technology , Recall (Psychology) , Reflection , Decision Making , Personal Autonomy , Foreign Countries , Teacher Attitudes , English (Second Language) , College Faculty , Teaching Methods Using video-stimulated recall as a basis for interviews: some experiences from the field Victoria Claire Rowe Centre for International Research on Creativity and Learning in Education (CIRCLE) , Roehampton University, Southlands College , Roehampton Lane, London, SW15 5SL, UK Correspondence 2016-07-19 · Video stimulated recall, reflection and dialogue: introduction to the method; Melanie Nind stimulated-recall technique. Experimental and control teachers brought. to. the interview an audio tape recording of a lesson conducted not more than 48 hours before the interview (after Bloom, 1953). Teachers were instructed to play back the recording and stop it whenever they remembered making.

Stimulated recall interview

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a We argue that stimulated recall interviews provide a contextually and interpretively valid method to access students' epistemologies that complement existing methods. We develop a stimulated recall interview methodology to assess a curricular intervention and find evidence that epistemological resources aptly describe student epistemologies. 2019-01-01 · Interviews as an attribute of the stimulated recall technique were used as a data collection tool in all studies. However, there are some discrepancies in its use such as: how many times, how often, how and for what purpose the interviews were conducted (see Appendix A for more information). Das Stimulated-Recall -Interview ist eine wissenschaftliche Methode zur Gewinnung von Daten zu präaktionalen Denkprozessen. Die interviewten Personen werden während der Interviewsituation mit ihrem zuvor erfolgten und meist auf Video aufgezeichneten Handeln konfrontiert. Specifically, it focuses on video footage obtained from head-mounted cameras for use in stimulated recall during post-event interviews.

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We develop a stimulated recall interview methodology to assess a curricular intervention and find evidence that epistemological resources aptly describe student epistemologies Background: Chart-stimulated recall (CSR) is a case-based interviewing technique, which is used in the assessment of clinical decision-making in medical education and professional certification. Increasingly, clinical decision-making is a concern for clinical research in primary care.

Stimulated recall interview

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Stimulated recall interview

The SIR-interview ties the methods together by targeting in-depth qualities of  The students' memories were tested during a stimulated recall interview. The authors identified three more.

Stimulated recall interview

Stimulated recall är en intervjumetod som handlar om att återkoppla videoob- promenad, rundtur och ”walking interview” (Cele, 2007; Halvars-Franzén, 2007). Der er tale om et kvalitativt studie med observation og interview (metode: stimulated recall).
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Stimulated recall interview

We consider that teachers themselves determine what is a norm and deviations thereof. Our theoretical framework is influenced by teacher cognition. Aim To assess the use of artefacts in semi-structured, stimulated-recall interviews in a study exploring mentors’ decisions regarding students’ competence in practice.. Background Few empirical studies have examined how mentors reach a decision when assessing students’ performance in practice.

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The work better suited to interview situations like the ones described in this paper since it eliminates the  4 maj 2017 — The combination of methods include semi-structured interviews, in-depth interview using the stimulated recall method, focus group interviews,  Lesson design 1 (LD1) and lesson design 2 (LD2) differed in terms of which critical Stimulated recall interviews were used as a background and provided  Citerat av 6 — such as photo interviews and individual and group interviews in which learners' eliciting interviews (Cappello, 2005) and stimulated recall (Haglund, 2003). av E Larsson · 2013 — A stimulated recall interview is an introspective research procedure which uses audio recordings, video footage, photographs or other aids to assist research  av S Karlsen · Citerat av 65 — of festival events, surveys of members of the festival audience and interviews with using the video as a point of departure for the interview ('stimulated recall'). 1 okt.

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I chose to pilot a method which used retrospective verbal protocols with. 4 stimulated recall. In the pilot interviews I collected and used a number of behaviours to attempt to Nguyen, Thanh Nga, McFadden, Amanda, Tangen, Donna, & Beutel, Denise (2013) Video-stimulated recall interviews in qualitative research. In White, J (Ed.) Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference of the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE).